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      Special Promotion

      If you refer a friend that leads to a permanent enrollment both Families will receive a $100 visa gift card. Any existing family that picks up an extra day for their child will also receive the $100 visa. Please see Hayley from Morriset (02) 4973 6856 and Lauren from Lake Haven (02) 4392 8855

      We are a premium quality centre, and once you have an understanding and the experience of the high level of care we provide for your child, you will also understand that our facilities, staff and child care services are very affordable and allow your child to experience the best care available.

      Our Centre’s Noticeboard displays our current fees without any government subsidy. They are also readily available by contacting us. It is a Dinky Di Children’s Learning Centre policy that fees are paid in advance, and in accordance with CCB allowance procedures this also assists the Centre and parents through the government benefit system to ensure that the full and correct benefits are paid immediately.

      At Dinky Di, fees are payable for public holidays and any days when a child is absent from the centre for any reason (this includes sickness or personal convenience.) The regulated staff to child ratios in each of our age specific rooms must be accounted for and preserved in accordance with DOCS policy whether a child is away or present, and in this way your child’s position is kept and maintained as available for them for when they return to our Centre.

      A bond of $100 per child is payable upon enrollment in order to secure your position.

      Every child gets a $5 a day discount if they are up to date with their fees.

      Our Fee Structure
      Yearly Enrolment Fee $44 per child
      No Bond
      Bilbies Room(0-2) $91 per day
      Possums Room(2-3) $73 per day
      Kangaroos Room(4-6) $73 per day